Exterior moveable HDD linked to iPad Professional M1 is simply displaying 2 of 4 partitions instantly. When linked to MacBook Air 2015 (operating freshest OS because the mannequin can – perhaps Catalina…?), the pc shuts down in a complete panic when it tries to mount_HFS. It really killed the Mac, leaving it utterly u responsive. Which is why I’m attempting my iPad Professional.

I nonetheless have the error report from the Mac. Right here’s a abstract:

  1. Kernel Panic: It is a vital error that the macOS kernel can’t get well from, resulting in a pressured restart. The report begins with panic(cpu 0 caller...), indicating the panic’s initiation.
  2. Journaling File System Error: The message jnl: do_jnl_io: curlen == 0, offset 0x226e800 len 0 suggests a problem with the HFS+ journaling system. This might indicate file system corruption or an error with the drive’s capability to learn or write information accurately.
  3. File System Extension: The kernel extensions within the backtrace, significantly com.apple.filesystems.hfs.kext, reinforce that the problem is said to the HFS+ file system, which is utilized by macOS.
  4. Exterior HDD Connection: Since this occurred when an exterior HDD was linked, the panic might be triggered by points with this exterior drive, its connection, or compatibility.
  5. Course of Identify: The method mount_hfs signifies that the kernel panic occurred whereas trying to mount an HFS file system, doubtless from the exterior HDD.
  6. System and Kernel Data: The report contains particular particulars about your macOS model (21G630) and the Darwin Kernel Model (21.6.0), that are helpful for troubleshooting.

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