The crucial information interviewers take note of

It doesn’t matter if the interview is on the phone, on video or in person, showing up on time is non-negotiable. If the interview is in person, arrive about 10 minutes early

There are many ways video conferencing calls can go wrong, which means preparation is key. Even if the final interviews are in person, it’s common nowadays for initial interviews to be on video. 

If you’re on-screen, remember that your background is important. If your home office is in your bedroom, keep your bed out of the frame, quickly tidy up and don’t have overflowing laundry baskets or an open closet behind you.

Stay focused in the minutes to hours leading up to your interview. Are you monotasking? Are you using a habit tracker for last-minute preparation? Has that focus followed you into the interview? 

Examples of questions might include, “How do you feel this interview is going?” “How many other jobs are you applying for?”

 “Be mindful of cultivating your brand online and offline. And ensure it’s an authentic reflection of who you are and what you value.

 “This provides a boost of self-love and pride as you get ready for the interview.”

Visualize yourself accepting the job offer at a great salary to get your mind in a positive place

“Don’t be afraid to talk passionately about these things,” Floyd says. “You have to explain what’s wonderful about you, and no one gets points for being overly humble in an interview.”

When they look confused, elaborate, and when they look distracted, try to re-engage them with a different story, more animated body language or some humor.”