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bluetooth lowenergy – 2024 iBeacon BLE – Xcode 15.4 iOS iBeacon app promoting units and beacon monitoring problem

I developed iOS app that’s utilizing startMonitoring(for: area) methodology to detect area entry and exit occasions by way of didEnterRegion and didExitRegion delegate strategies.
Area monitoring labored for years and stopped working just lately.

  • Now my app “magically” begins working for jiffy once I open apps which might be used to handle beacons(set UUID, main , minor – I’m utilizing KBeacon and FeasyBeacon iOS apps)
  • If my app have been defective, it will NOT begin working simply by opening the Kbeacomn or FeasyBeacon apps. If my code have been incorrect, the app would NEVER work till the code is fastened.
  • Apple assist states that startMonitoring nonetheless works, even though it’s Deprecated,they usually agree that if my app was damaged it will not begin working once I open beacon administration apps

That leaves the beacons(my app labored with these similar beacons for years). Now I’m utilizing a number of apps to verify beacons are promoting correct iBeacon sign corresponding to Beacon Scope, BT Inspector, LightBlue,and it appears all beacons are solely in iBeacon mode, they promote UUID, main , minor, they solely say iBeacon for format. I didn’t replace beacon firmware

Now Apple Tech assist says

  • that the truth that KBeacon/FeasyBeacon apps are in a position to see the beacons and have the data signifies that the beacons are usually not in iBeacon mode.
  • iBeacon is required to solely ship ADV_NONCONN_IND packets, which can instruct anybody scanning to not ship a SCAN_REQ (Scan Request).
  • A Scan Request is a selected BLE command, and by definition of the iBeacon spec, the beacon is required to be non-scannable.
  • Additionally they are saying the difficulty could be in that these are twin beacons that may promote ibeacon or different codecs – the truth that kBeacon is ready to see the promoting from the beacons regardless of not utilizing CoreLocation signifies that both the beacons are usually not promoting as iBeacon till kBeacon is launched, or they’re promoting in such a manner that the iBeacon promoting isn’t compliant sufficient to be acknowledged.

My Questions

  • Does anybody know / have any thought why my app begins detecting areas solely after I open KBeacon or FeasyBeacon apps? These beacon apps sendScan Request,a nd beacons ship Scan response, and it appears iOS is ready to see feacons solely after beacons ship Scan Response again, however iOS ought to be capable to see beacons throughout nornal scan
  • Any advice on “sniffer” apps that would assist me work out sniffer log and what’s being marketed, as that is the one positive manner to determine what’s going on with KBeacon/FeasyBeacon apps, iOS and iBeacon beacons.
  • What does it imply that iBeacon must be non-scannable?
  • Can anybody level me to books / assets on BLE and iBeacon specification?


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