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Cassowary sounds prefer it’s sucking up the final of a doom smoothie

It is laborious to consider that this video of a cassowary is actual, and that these large flightless birds (which seem like emus, additionally known as the “world’s most harmful hen“) really sound like this. It is true although—cassowaries have extremely deep voices that may attain frequencies as little as 24Hz. Wild Ambiance explains that these low-frequency sounds:

carry a major distance and are little question an efficient manner for cassowaries to speak in dense rainforest.

I initially discovered this video posted in two completely different Reddit communities I am a part of (each of which I extremely advocate). Over on r/InterestingAsFuck (“For something really attention-grabbing as fuck”), commenter Ardes_ supplied extra data:

What this video does not offer you is the resonance impact its voice has in your physique. A cassowary’s voice is so deep, it actually makes your physique’s chest cavity vibrate together with any unfastened garments you could be carrying, like if you happen to’ve ever stood subsequent to a large, deep-sounding drum or musical instrument when it is being performed. …Solely that is far more terrifying as a result of it is coming from a dinosaur ancestor that may shred you open in a single swipe. Assembly one on the Australia zoo is an expertise I will always remember.

And within the subreddit r/NatureisFuckingLit (“We’re right here to understand the superior majesty and extremely cool facets of nature. 🔥”), this remark by Sebelzeebub made me chuckle out loud: 

The Cassowary and me sucking the final little bit of smoothie up with my straw sound the identical.

To listen to extra cassowary sounds, try this terrific footage by Wild Atmosphere, a Sydney, Australia-based skilled nature sound recordist who offers this description of their work: “I’m knowledgeable nature sound recordist and my work is recurrently utilized in wildlife documentaries, movies, musical compositions, museum displays, sound artwork installations.” Here is how they describe the cassowary sounds they captured: 

The decision of the cassowary is the bottom frequency sound made by any hen and borders on infrasound. To understand the ability of the sounds on this video, you may want first rate audio system or headphones – audio system on a cellular system or laptop computer won’t transmit these frequencies. Extra of a non-vocal sound than a ‘name’, Southern Cassowaries create this vibrating, booming rumble from deep inside. With head tilted down towards the bottom, its complete physique shudders because the sound is produced. If you hear this sound in actual life, you ‘really feel’ the sound because it vibrates via the air. It sounds extra like a noise made by a big mammal than a hen.

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