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Ekram Alam, CEO and Co-founder of MindPortal – Interview Sequence

Ekram Alam is the CEO & Co-Founding father of MindPortal, an organization that’s constructing the way forward for human-AI telepathy, by creating non-invasive neural interfaces that remodel how people work together with AI. Their mission is to streamline communication by permitting customers to work together with AI by way of thought alone, bypassing typical strategies like typing or talking.

One among your proudest moments is once you dropped out of medical faculty, may you talk about this fork within the highway, and once you realized entrepreneurship was your path?

Dropping out of medical faculty marked a major turning level in my life, not as a result of I used to be headed in direction of entrepreneurship within the conventional sense, however as a result of it represented a profound shift in direction of dwelling in alignment with my genuine self. This resolution stemmed from a realization the place I noticed that my earlier path was not certainly one of private selection however one formed by exterior pressures and expectations, primarily to please my mother and father.

My journey into what some would possibly name ‘entrepreneurship’ is healthier understood as a quest for authenticity and affect. Influenced by visionaries like Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney, I acknowledged my deep resonance with creativity, innovation, and making a major affect. This realization wasn’t about adopting a brand new label however about aligning my actions with a imaginative and prescient of advancing humanity towards an ever-expanding future.

In exploring this path, I took an interest within the potential affect of concepts like psychedelics, which, coupled with readings like “The Singularity is Close to,” helped me see the intersection of my private passions with the broader trajectory of technological and human development. This wasn’t about becoming into the prevailing mildew of an organization or utilizing capital within the typical sense; these have been simply instruments at my disposal. My actual focus was on launching tasks that serve the development of humanity, leveraging present present paradigm constructions reminiscent of an organization construction and capital as off-the-shelf automobiles in direction of this imaginative and prescient whereas staying open to the emergence of recent paradigms that may higher serve our collective journey.

The essence of my endeavor is thus not entrepreneurship per se however a dedication to contributing to the infinite recreation of human progress. This recreation entails increasing the frontiers of our capabilities, experiences, and understanding in a method that transcends present societal and financial constructions. It is about taking part in an energetic position within the evolution of humanity and know-how, with a watch in direction of a future the place we frequently redefine the boundaries of chance.

To broaden on this, my departure from medical faculty marked not only a divergence from a predefined path however an initiation right into a profound exploration of existential alignment and objective. This journey was much less about rejecting a standard profession and extra about awakening to a holistic imaginative and prescient of progress and potentiality that transcends typical labels like ‘entrepreneurship.’

In essence, my voyage is certainly one of aligning with the macrocosmic evolution of complexity itself—a story the place the universe, by way of an inexorable technique of compounding complexity from simplicity, has birthed consciousness and, subsequently, know-how. This trajectory means that know-how, as an extension of pure evolution, is about to catalyze the following leap within the universe’s expansive odyssey.

By way of this lens, the societal constructs of ‘firm’ and ‘capital’ are merely provisional instruments—artifacts of our present epoch utilized towards the last word finish of advancing human and technological potential. This attitude posits these instruments not as ends in themselves however as malleable means, adaptable to the evolving wants of humanity’s quest in direction of infinite frontiers.

The core of my mission, subsequently, is to contribute to this grand tapestry of common evolution. It’s an endeavor that views human progress and technological development not merely as targets however as manifestations of a deeper, cosmic recreation of exploration and growth. This recreation is ruled by the rules of perpetual development, transcendence, and the endless quest to discover and actualize the boundless potentialities that lie earlier than us.

This mission is rooted in a conviction that humanity’s journey is intrinsically linked to the broader evolutionary narrative of the cosmos. It’s a dedication to actively take part in steering the collective trajectory in direction of a realm of infinite potentialities, the place every discovery and innovation serves as a stepping stone to additional growth and understanding.

In embracing this path, I’m pushed by a imaginative and prescient that’s without delay deeply private and universally resonant—a imaginative and prescient that seeks not simply to navigate however to contribute to the unfolding story of the universe. It’s a path that calls for a reimagining of our roles and tasks inside this grand narrative, inviting us to view our contributions by way of the lens of cosmic significance and boundless potential.

May you broaden on how studying Ray Kurzweil’s e book “The Singularity Is Close to”, led you to start contemplating the far future and unlocking some new concepts?

It’s a e book that explores exponential technological development and its implications for humanity. The Singularity time period itself has connotations to an occasion horizon, a future whereby predicting what’s doable turns into difficult due to how profoundly various things will likely be. Even when we take a second to think about our wildest goals and imaginations of what the longer term is perhaps like, the precise future will probably be way more lovely, wild, intense, and an expertise we merely can’t fathom with our present primate organic brains. To me, it represents one of many best books ever written and I get pleasure from envisioning the way forward for what frontiers of human development I’m excited for and the way know-how can allow serving the proliferation of this development. The bonus of development being exponential is that when it comes to absolute time issues will occur far sooner than we notice and even can intuitively compute in our brains. It’s additionally an infinite constructive sum recreation of ever-expanding human potential, capabilities, and experiences. In a way, it’s a e book that resonates with me as a result of it’s pro-human, it’s about human development, and know-how is an enabler of that development – know-how isn’t the aim, it’s a method to an infinite growth of humanity itself. From dwelling endlessly, to mitigating struggling, to increasing our minds and intelligence, to exploring the universe to infinite extra unimaginable expanses of this recreation and delight that’s existence – this e book resonated as a result of that is one thing I like and reside for and am enthusiastic about and wish to contribute to human development as a part of our collective journey on this tapestry of actuality and existence.

In a future the place AI will inevitably surpass people, why is it necessary for MindPortal  to construct applied sciences to allow people to extra intimately talk and work together with AI?

Human organic evolution, together with our brains, has plateaued. AI, then again, is exponentially growing in intelligence and functionality. It would surpass people. And that is nice, however I would like us to have the choice of going alongside for the journey (if we wish to – my perspective is that particular person people ought to select no matter they wish to do). However what I imply by this can be a human-AI merger – we turn out to be “one” with AI, and subsequently, as AI turns into infinitely extra succesful, so can we as a result of it’s not two distinct entities – our brains and minds are, in essence, more and more nonbiological.

So, in essence, merging human minds with AI is necessary. It’s necessary because it allows us as people to maintain tempo and proceed to be on the frontier of this cosmic recreation of growth, innovation, and development, and it’s additionally useful in that it helps to mitigate dangers that include runaway AI. So it’s each a possible for upside and minimisation of threat. It’s a boon as we join and broaden what humanity even is to new frontiers. The definition of humanity, I think about, will likely be expanded to incorporate organic people, post-biological hybrid people, and pure AIs. All of that is humanity.

MindPortal launched with my imaginative and prescient in thoughts of a human-AI merger, and it exists to at the least contribute in direction of the foundational facets of this merger. A merger is a spectrum – two separate entities more and more related when introduced shut sufficient collectively to turn out to be a unified entity. The cells in your physique talk, however cohesively they type organs and organ techniques. By enabling higher human-AI telepathic communication, which is the present focus at MindPortal, it units the inspiration for a greater communication relationship between people and AI, even when at current we typically consider people and AI as distinct nevertheless it additionally paves the best way for a deeper understanding of how the human mind communicates, and the way AI may be inbuilt a method that operates in tandem with the mind. That is groundwork for the longer term the place these insights can contribute to human-AI merging the place the communication between the human thoughts and AI will likely be so seamless and excessive bandwidth that it represents a cohesive inner unified communication with self aka there is no such thing as a human speaking with AI, however relatively a unified entity speaking with its personal expanded thoughts.

So MindPortal exists to allow higher human AI telepathy as a result of within the quick time period excessive bandwidth comms is nice for spatial computing and LLM interplay – it’s higher than a mouse or keyboard and represents an growth of the bottleneck when it comes to speaking with highly effective instruments.

However long run, it represents groundwork and units the stage for human-AI merging by enabling a deeper understanding of human-AI symbiotic relationships.

Are you able to talk about the know-how that’s being developed, and the way it differs from a few of your greatest rivals reminiscent of Neuralink?

Our know-how distinguishes itself in two basic methods. Firstly, in contrast to Neuralink’s invasive method, we make the most of non-invasive strategies. Our main focus lies in telepathy, enabling customers to speak with AI by way of imagined language straight. In distinction, Neuralink employs invasive electrodes embedded in customers’ brains, using a surgical robotic for faster and extra exact electrode implantation to boost spatial decision.

Whereas invasive electrodes have been demonstrated in tutorial labs earlier than, Neuralink’s innovation lies within the growth of a surgical robotic to expedite the implantation course of. This method permits them to place electrodes nearer to neurons, enabling extra direct recording of neuronal exercise. Their emphasis on spatial decision is primarily geared in direction of medical purposes, for instance in sufferers with circumstances like Parkinson’s.

In distinction, our non-invasive sensor know-how is designed with a consumer-oriented focus, catering to a broader viewers past medical sufferers. Moreover, our understanding of the human mind acknowledges the distinct roles of the neocortex layers. Neuralink’s invasive electrodes primarily attain the deeper layers accountable for features like dopamine manufacturing, usually related in circumstances reminiscent of Parkinson’s.

We acknowledge the distributed nature of language and semantic info within the neocortex. Invasive strategies would require a number of surgical electrodes and the requirement for surgical holes drilled into the cranium to successfully entry this info. Our non-invasive sensors cowl bigger areas of the mind, permitting for more practical recording of practical dynamics essential for imagined speech and different areas of curiosity. This method eliminates the necessity for invasive procedures and enhances the general usability and accessibility of our know-how for a broader person base.

What are a few of the greatest challenges behind constructing a brain-computer interface (BCI)?

Our analysis and growth has encountered numerous challenges and uncertainties, showcasing the novelty of our method. Listed below are some key hurdles we’ve addressed:

  • Experimental Paradigm Design: We confronted the problem of figuring out the simplest experimental design for eliciting detectable neural alerts associated to semantics and language based mostly which means utilizing non-invasive tools. Drawing insights from neurolinguistics and leveraging our workforce and collaborators experience, we designed an experimental paradigm to optimize the probabilities of figuring out discoverable neural patterns related to imagined speech.
  • Repeatability of Outcomes: Imagining speech produces low-intensity alerts within the mind, making it difficult to differentiate from the inherent noise. Moreover, human mind states fluctuate all through the day and throughout completely different days, elevating considerations in regards to the repeatability of alerts throughout completely different recording classes. This uncertainty persevered in each our phrase decoding and sentence decoding experiments.
  • Sign Processing Pipeline for Optical Neuroimaging Knowledge: Non-invasive instrumentation like practical Close to-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) launched numerous sources of noise within the sign, significantly when trying to determine completely different sentences with distinct meanings. The decoding of sentences had not been demonstrated beforehand with fNIRS know-how. Furthermore, demonstrating semantic representations had solely been achieved with increased decision fMRI, which is non-portable, relatively than with the moveable know-how we employed.
  • Machine Studying Mannequin Growth: Growing a machine studying mannequin able to classifying completely different sentences in real-time posed a major problem. The duty required intensive information science experimentation to determine the optimum mannequin structure able to successfully differentiating between neural patterns similar to completely different imagined sentences.

Addressing these challenges has been integral to the development of our R&D, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable within the area of non-invasive neural interface know-how.

Everybody’s mind is completely different, how is machine studying used to determine ideas?

MindPortal acknowledges the distinctive nature of every particular person’s mind whereas recognizing basic similarities in speech manufacturing and processing networks. In semantics, the neocortex serves as a standard floor for representing which means.

By way of our neuroimaging know-how, we seize photos of mind exercise when customers think about completely different sentences, revealing distinct patterns of activation. By accumulating information from a number of contributors, we’re coaching a machine studying mannequin to create a generalized mannequin. This method is akin to picture evaluation in laptop imaginative and prescient, the place a mannequin is educated on various photos to determine patterns, reminiscent of recognizing footage of a bear regardless of variations in context, form, or shade.

This generalized mannequin can then be fine-tuned by way of a calibration experiment, accommodating refined variations in a brand new person’s mind. This course of permits the mannequin to adapt, making certain efficient recognition of imagined sentences. In essence, our methodology mirrors the rules of picture evaluation in laptop imaginative and prescient, demonstrating the flexibility and adaptableness of our neuroimaging know-how in understanding and decoding the neural patterns related to imagined speech.

Are you able to talk about certainly one of your guiding rules which is: “what’s the Expertise We Need a Human to Have”. What particularly is the expertise you’re aiming for?

Within the quick time period, we’re aiming for human-AI telepathy at MindPortal. A human thinks, and one thing occurs. The expertise I would like is magical. Godlike. You assume, and it turns into. You need one thing finished in your setting, and it occurs.

The expertise must be intuitive and subsequently require minimal coaching to make use of. You simply naturally think about speech in your thoughts e.g. you may think a sentence or interior monologue in your thoughts reminiscent of “Present me the perfect eating places in my space”, and it immediately occurs. The expertise will likely be non-public, hands-free, correct, intuitive, and in real-time.

The wearable we’re designing at MindPortal will likely be light-weight, modern, trendy, snug, and built-in into your every day life. Sooner or later, this know-how will combine with AR {hardware} like headsets or glasses. Think about your self projecting a hologram of a rocket, and also you assume to your self, “What adjustments do I wish to make to this rocket?,” and the design will auto-shift in line with your ideas and wishes whilst you lay again in your couch.

MindPortal is at present engaged on mentally interfacing with Giant Language Fashions, are you able to talk about your progress on this?

MindPortal has made vital progress with demonstrating human-AI telepathic communication between a human person and Giant Language Fashions reminiscent of chatGPT. We began by efficiently classifying sentences and phrases utilizing non-invasive know-how, particularly by way of optical neuroimaging. This breakthrough allowed us to decode sentences with completely different meanings straight from the human mind. In early 2023, we demonstrated our potential to decode particular person phrases like ‘sure’ and ‘no’ utilizing a specialised headset, enabling customers to work together with screens by imagining ‘sure’ or ‘no’—the first-ever demonstration of human telepathic interplay with ChatGPT. Constructing on this success, we superior to decoding full sentences from the human mind. Customers may think about sentences from a set of pre-trained choices, and our machine studying mannequin recorded their real-time mind state, predicting the imagined sentence, which was then communicated to ChatGPT for a response. At present, we’re creating our subsequent milestone, set to be unveiled in Q3 2024. This development will showcase a considerably bigger vocabulary of sentences, masking the vary of expressions customers convey in on a regular basis speech.

What’s your imaginative and prescient for the way forward for BCI?

Within the quick time period, our imaginative and prescient for brain-computer interfacing focuses on two areas. One space is spatial computing built-in enter. Think about an immersive expertise in digital and augmented actuality, the place executing instructions is so simple as pondering. Your ideas straight form the digital setting, making interactions easy. The second space extends to the telepathic integration with Giant Language Fashions (LLMs) and AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, or ChatGPT. The flexibility to obtain responses and execute instructions by way of thought alone represents a major shift in human-AI interplay, providing unparalleled comfort. The 2 areas are more likely to more and more converge sooner or later, whereby you may be in an AR expertise and navigate your spatial computing ecosystem with the assistance of an AI assistant with whom you telepathically talk.

Trying additional forward, our long-term imaginative and prescient entails a profound human-AI merger. We foresee a continuum the place minds seamlessly combine with AI, the place people more and more transfer from being predominantly organic to predominantly non-biological. This evolution positions us as post-biological people, with people having the autonomy to find out their existence. Crucially, this transformative shift is voluntary, respecting the preferences of those that might select to not embrace this hybridization with AI. Our aim is to empower people with the liberty to determine the extent of their integration with AI, fostering a future the place human-AI collaboration is each versatile and customizable.

Thanks for the nice interview, I sit up for following your progress, readers who want to be taught extra ought to go to MindPortal.

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