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ios – How encrypt a string in Dart and Decrypt the identical in Swift?

I’ve a requirement the place a string can be encrypted from flutter net app utilizing Dart. The encrypted string goes to server and the identical can be consumed by iOS Swift.

Dart file

String encryptString(Uint8List key) {
    attempt {
      // Convert the important thing bytes into an encryption key
      ultimate encryptionKey = Key(key);

      // Generate a random IV (Initialization Vector)
      ultimate iv = IV.fromSecureRandom(16); // 16 bytes IV for AES-GCM
      ultimate macValue = Uint8List.fromList(utf8.encode("take a look at"));
      // Create an AES encrypter with the important thing
      ultimate encrypter = Encrypter(AES(encryptionKey));

      // Encrypt the plaintext utilizing AES-GCM
      ultimate encrypted = encrypter.encrypt(
    iv: iv,
    associatedData: macValue

      // Concatenate IV and ciphertext, then encode to base64
      ultimate concatenatedBytes = Uint8List.fromList([...iv.bytes, ...encrypted.bytes, ...utf8.encode("test")]);
      ultimate base64Encoded = base64.encode(concatenatedBytes);
      //ultimate mixed = iv.bytes + encrypted.bytes;
      return (base64Encoded);
    } catch (e) {
      print('Error whereas encrypting: $e');
      return '';

Nonetheless the encrypted textual content I’m not in a position to decrypt in Swift. I all the time get CryptoKit.CryptoKitError.authenticationFailure

Swift code

func decrypt(withKey key: SymmetricKey) throws -> String {
    guard let encryptedData = Knowledge(base64Encoded: self) else { throw EncryptionError.invalidData }
    // Open the sealed field utilizing the encryption key
    do {
      let sealedBox = attempt AES.GCM.SealedBox(mixed: encryptedData)
      // Decrypt the info
      let decryptedData = attempt AES.GCM.open(sealedBox, utilizing: key)
      // Convert decrypted information to string
      guard let decryptedString = String(information: decryptedData, encoding: .utf8) else {
        throw EncryptionError.decryptionFailed
      return decryptedString
    } catch {
      throw EncryptionError.invalidData

I attempted the above snippets. Appears to not work, Please assist 🙁

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