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Sunday, January 14, 2024

ios – No such module xcode error with debugging particulars

I’m utilizing the newest model of Xcode and cocoa pods. I put in a bunch of modules utilizing pod set up. What ought to I do subsequent to get Xcode to acknowledge these modules? Ought to it acknowledge them instantly? I’m getting a no module is discovered error and I’m attempting to determine the trigger. Sadly, that’s all I’ve proper now to debug the issue.

I requested the same query that was closed due to lack of debugging particulars. Here is extra information.

Here is my Podfile:

# Uncomment the subsequent line to outline a worldwide platform in your undertaking
platform :ios, '13.0'

goal 'take a look at' do
  # Remark the subsequent line should you're not utilizing Swift and do not wish to use dynamic frameworks

  # Pods for Minuteapp
  pod 'SwiftMessages', '~> 5.0'
  pod 'GoogleSignIn'
  pod 'Guarantees' 
  pod 'Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurryMessaging'
  pod ‘Flurry-iOS-SDK/FlurrySDK’
  pod 'ApphudSDK'
  pod 'FittedSheets'
  pod 'ColorThiefSwift', '>= 0.4.1'
  pod "SwiftChart"
  pod 'SDWebImage', '~> 5.0'
  pod 'AQPlayer'
  pod 'STPopup'
  pod 'Toast-Swift', '~> 5.0.1'
  pod 'PaddingLabel', '1.2'
  pod 'DeviceKit'
  pod 'ApphudSDK'
  # pod 'SwiftyStoreKit'
  pod 'ReachabilitySwift'
  pod 'Regulate', '~> 4.29.2'
  pod 'Amplitude', '~> 8.5.0'

post_install do |installer|
  installer.pods_project.targets.every do |goal|
    goal.build_configurations.every do |config|
      config.build_settings['ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH'] = 'YES'
    installer.generated_projects.every do |undertaking|
          undertaking.targets.every do |goal|
              goal.build_configurations.every do |config|
                  config.build_settings['IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET'] = '13.0'

I believe the difficulty is that I am constructing take a look at.xcodeproj and never take a look at.workspace. Is that an issue? I attempted to construct take a look at.workspace however I am not seeing information on the left or a scheme on the prime. Can somebody assist?

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