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Friday, December 8, 2023

ios – Those that have carried out Apple Pay – your server for token auth – Stripe for processing, how would you diagnose code 50 error?

For some cause the token is not getting set to my server. I get code 50 as a print error, however I can not seem to slender it down. Do any of you could have any thought? Under you will note all of the prints that I added to attempt to determine the place the issue is coming from. Principally the applePayContext(_:didCreatePaymentMethod:paymentInformation:completion:) delegate methodology will not be being known as. Why that’s I do not know. All I’ve is error code 50. I checked service provider id in Xcode and on my developer account I’ve all of it arrange. In my class I’ve STPApplePayContextDelegate and I’ve var paymentContext: STPApplePayContext?

    @objc func applePayButtonTapped() {
    print("Apple Pay button tapped")
    let request = StripeAPI.paymentRequest(withMerchantIdentifier: "service provider.medical.daylike", nation: "US", forex: "EUR")
    request.paymentSummaryItems = [PKPaymentSummaryItem(label: "Script", amount: NSDecimalNumber(string: "1.00"))]
    print("Cost request particulars: (request)")
    paymentContext = STPApplePayContext(paymentRequest: request, delegate: self)
    print("Presenting Apple Pay sheet")
func applePayContext(_ context: STPApplePayContext, didCreatePaymentMethod paymentMethod: StripePayments.STPPaymentMethod, paymentInformation: PKPayment, completion: @escaping StripeApplePay.STPIntentClientSecretCompletionBlock) {
    print("Apple Pay did create fee methodology")
    let paymentMethodId = paymentMethod.stripeId
    let quantity = 100 // Instance quantity in cents (€10.00)
    createPaymentIntent(paymentMethodId: paymentMethodId, quantity: quantity) { end in
        swap end result {
        case .success(let clientSecret):
            completion(clientSecret, nil)
        case .failure(let error):
            print("Error in creating fee intent: (error.localizedDescription)")
            completion(nil, error)

func applePayContext(_ context: STPApplePayContext, didFailToCreatePaymentMethodWithError error: Error) {
    print("Didn't create fee methodology: (error.localizedDescription)")

func applePayContext(_ context: STPApplePayContext, didCompleteWith standing: StripePayments.STPPaymentStatus, error: Error?) {
    print("Apple Pay course of didCompleteWith standing: (standing)")
    if let error = error as NSError? {
        print("Error in Apple Pay course of: (error.localizedDescription), Code: (error.code)")

    print("Apple Pay course of accomplished with standing: (standing)")
    swap standing {
    case .success:
        // Cost succeeded
    case .error:
        // Cost failed
    case .userCancellation:
        // Person canceled the fee
    @unknown default:
        fatalError("Unknown Apple Pay standing")

My prints

Cost request particulars: <PKPaymentRequest: 0x14bde0f80; APIType: PKPaymentRequestAPITypeInApp, requestType: PKPaymentRequestTypeApplePay, requestor: PKPaymentRequestorDefault, countryCode: DE, merchantCapabilities: 1, currencyCode: EUR, shippingType: SHIPPING, applePayLaterAvailability: enabledshouldUseMerchantSession: 0, suppressTotal: 0, paymentSummaryPinned: 0, supportedNetworks: (
), supportsCouponCode: 0, paymentSummaryItems: 1, requiredBillingContactFields: {(
)}, >
Presenting Apple Pay sheet
Apple Pay course of didCompleteWith standing: error
Error in Apple Pay course of: There was an surprising error -- attempt once more in a couple of seconds, Code: 50
Apple Pay course of accomplished with standing: error

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