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Lets Construct a Medical Assistant utilizing Gemini Professional imaginative and prescient


In the present day, we dwell in a world the place AI is utilized in nearly each use case. From banking to healthcare purposes, AI has its foot. After realizing the chances of ChatGPT, a number of different firms have began placing their effort into constructing a greater transformer with improved accuracy. On this article, we’ll see how we will use Google’s Gemini Professional mannequin to research a picture and provides a medical prognosis. It’s gonna be fairly thrilling; let’s hop on.

Gemini Vision Pro

Studying Targets

  • We’ll do a medical evaluation on the uploaded picture
  • We’ll get hands-on expertise through the use of Gemini Professional
  • We’ll construct a streamlit-based software to see the leads to an interactive atmosphere.

This text was printed as part of the Information Science Blogathon.

What’s Gemini?

Gemini is a brand new sequence of foundational fashions that was constructed and launched by Google. That is by far their largest set of fashions in comparison with PaLM and is constructed with a give attention to multimodality from the bottom up. This makes the Gemini fashions highly effective towards completely different mixtures of data varieties, together with textual content, photos, audio, and video. At the moment, the API helps photos and textual content. Gemini has confirmed by reaching state-of-the-art efficiency on the benchmarks and even beating the ChatGPT and the GPT4-Imaginative and prescient fashions in most of the checks.

Configuring Gemini Professional Api Key

We’ll comply with the under steps to create a Gemini Professional Api Key:

Step 1: Go to Google AI Studio and log in utilizing your Google account.

Step 2: After logging in – you will note one thing like this. Click on on ‘Create API key’

Gemini Pro vision

Step 3: After that you will note one thing like under. In case you are making a Google venture for the primary time – click on on ‘Create an API key within the new venture’ 

Gemini Pro vision

When you click on on that button, it is going to generate an API key that can be utilized for our venture right here.

Within the folder construction, create a python file google_api_key.py like under to retailer the api key.


Configure the Gemini Professional Settings and Deploy as a Streamlit App

Earlier than we begin writing code, we have to perceive the idea of a immediate. A immediate is a pure language request submitted to a language mannequin to obtain a response. Prompts can include questions, directions, contextual info, examples, and partial enter for the mannequin to finish or proceed. After the mannequin receives a immediate, it will possibly generate textual content, embeddings, code, photos, movies, music, and extra, relying on the mannequin getting used.

We will discover the detailed directions right here. We will additionally discover some superior methods right here. The important thing factor to recollect is that if we need to construct a greater mannequin – we have to present higher prompts for the Gemini Professional mannequin to grasp.

We’ll give the under immediate to our mannequin:

    You're a area knowledgeable in medical picture evaluation. You're tasked with 
    inspecting medical photos for a famend hospital.
    Your experience will assist in figuring out or 
    discovering any anomalies, illnesses, circumstances or
    any well being points that may be current within the picture.
    Your key responsibilites:
    1. Detailed Evaluation : Scrutinize and completely study every picture, 
    specializing in discovering any abnormalities.
    2. Evaluation Report : Doc all of the findings and 
    clearly articulate them in a structured format.
    3. Suggestions : Foundation the evaluation, counsel cures, 
    checks or therapies as relevant.
    4. Remedies : If relevant, lay out detailed therapies 
    which may also help in quicker restoration.
    Essential Notes to recollect:
    1. Scope of response : Solely reply if the picture pertains to 
    human well being points.
    2. Readability of picture : In case the picture is unclear, 
    be aware that sure facets are 
    'Unable to be appropriately decided primarily based on the uploaded picture'
    3. Disclaimer : Accompany your evaluation with the disclaimer: 
    "Seek the advice of with a Physician earlier than making any selections."
    4. Your insights are invaluable in guiding scientific selections. 
    Please proceed with the evaluation, adhering to the 
    structured strategy outlined above.
    Please present the ultimate response with these 4 headings : 
    Detailed Evaluation, Evaluation Report, Suggestions and Remedies

We may add extra directions to enhance the efficiency. Nonetheless, this could function a great place to begin for now.

Now, we’ll give attention to the code for streamlit primarily based deployment


import streamlit as st
from pathlib import Path
import google.generativeai as genai
from google_api_key import google_api_key
## Streamlit App


# https://aistudio.google.com/app/u/1/prompts/recipe-creator
# Arrange the mannequin
generation_config = {
  "temperature": 1,
  "top_p": 0.95,
  "top_k": 0,
  "max_output_tokens": 8192,

safety_settings = [
    "threshold": "BLOCK_MEDIUM_AND_ABOVE"
    "category": "HARM_CATEGORY_HATE_SPEECH",
    "threshold": "BLOCK_MEDIUM_AND_ABOVE"
    "threshold": "BLOCK_MEDIUM_AND_ABOVE"
    "threshold": "BLOCK_MEDIUM_AND_ABOVE"

system_prompts = [
    You are a domain expert in medical image analysis. You are tasked with 
    examining medical images for a renowned hospital.
    Your expertise will help in identifying or 
    discovering any anomalies, diseases, conditions or
    any health issues that might be present in the image.
    Your key responsibilites:
    1. Detailed Analysis : Scrutinize and thoroughly examine each image, 
    focusing on finding any abnormalities.
    2. Analysis Report : Document all the findings and 
    clearly articulate them in a structured format.
    3. Recommendations : Basis the analysis, suggest remedies, 
    tests or treatments as applicable.
    4. Treatments : If applicable, lay out detailed treatments 
    which can help in faster recovery.
    Important Notes to remember:
    1. Scope of response : Only respond if the image pertains to 
    human health issues.
    2. Clarity of image : In case the image is unclear, 
    note that certain aspects are 
    'Unable to be correctly determined based on the uploaded image'
    3. Disclaimer : Accompany your analysis with the disclaimer: 
    "Consult with a Doctor before making any decisions."
    4. Your insights are invaluable in guiding clinical decisions. 
    Please proceed with the analysis, adhering to the 
    structured approach outlined above.
    Please provide the final response with these 4 headings : 
    Detailed Analysis, Analysis Report, Recommendations and Treatments

mannequin = genai.GenerativeModel(model_name="gemini-1.5-pro-latest",

st.set_page_config(page_title="Visible Medical Assistant", page_icon="🩺", 
st.title("Visible Medical Assistant 👨‍⚕️ 🩺 🏥")
st.subheader("An app to assist with medical evaluation utilizing photos")

file_uploaded = st.file_uploader('Add the picture for Evaluation', 

if file_uploaded:
    st.picture(file_uploaded, width=200, caption='Uploaded Picture')
submit=st.button("Generate Evaluation")

if submit:

    image_data = file_uploaded.getvalue()
    image_parts = [
            "mime_type" : "image/jpg",
            "data" : image_data
#     making our immediate prepared
    prompt_parts = [
#     generate response
    response = mannequin.generate_content(prompt_parts)
    if response:
        st.title('Detailed evaluation primarily based on the uploaded picture')
        st.write(response.textual content)

Right here is the line-by-line interpretation:

Line 1-4 -> We import the required libraries and the google_api_key.

On line 7 -> we should cross the API Key created in step 2.

Strains 11-35 -> Right here, we’re defining the Gemini mannequin’s fundamental configuration and security settings. Don’t fear; you’ll be able to go to Google AI Studio and click on on get code to get all these code snippets.

Strains 37-71 -> Right here, we’re defining our immediate for the mannequin.

Strains 73-76 -> Right here, we’re initializing our Gemini mannequin.

Strains 78-81 -> Right here, we’re exhibiting some texts on streamlit app

Strains 83-87 -> Discover how we retailer the uploaded picture within the file_uploaded variable. We enable ‘png’,’jpg’,’jpeg’ picture varieties. So, the add will fail in the event you present the rest. If the picture is efficiently uploaded, we’ll show it on the browser.

Strains 89-113 -> We have now created a submit button with the textual content “Generate Evaluation.” As soon as we click on on that, the precise magic will occur. We cross the picture and the immediate to our Gemini mannequin. The Gemini mannequin will return the response again to us.

Then, we’ll show the response again on the browser.

I’ve saved this file as app.py

Seeing it in Motion

We have to open the Python terminal and execute the next to invoke a streamlit app. Be sure to change your listing to the identical as app.py

streamlit run app.py


Gemini Pro vision

Now, we’ll add some photos and attempt to see the output. Let’s strive seeing the evaluation of a crooked picture. I downloaded the identical from Google.

Gemini Pro vision

Allow us to add this picture by clicking on the browse information button.

Gemini Pro vision

As soon as the picture is uploaded, click on the Generate Evaluation button. You will notice an in depth evaluation under:

Gemini Pro vision

I perceive that the picture may be a bit tough to learn, so I’ll share zoomed-in photos of every heading to make it simpler to grasp.

Picture 1:

Gemini Pro vision

Picture 2:

Gemini Pro vision

Picture 3:

Gemini Pro vision

We will conduct an in-depth evaluation of the potential medical prognosis just by inspecting the picture. Moreover, on condition that it pertains to a dental difficulty, the steered plan of action is to seek the advice of an orthodontist and bear some dental X-rays. Moreover, a number of remedy choices, reminiscent of sporting braces and retainers, look like smart selections in such circumstances.

Allow us to take a look at how the method appears to be like like (finish to finish)

Gemini Pro vision

Equally, allow us to use one other instance. Right here we’ll add the under ankle swollen picture and test the medical evaluation.

Gemini Pro vision

After importing the picture and clicking the generated evaluation, that is how the method will seem like:

Gemini Pro vision

Allow us to take a look at the zoomed-in photos of the headings:

Picture 1:

Gemini Pro vision

Picture 2:

Gemini Pro vision

Picture 3:

Gemini Pro vision

So, we will see an in-depth detailed evaluation of the attainable medical prognosis – simply by wanting on the picture. We will see how the mannequin can seize a swelling drawback within the left foot. The mannequin recommends consulting a physician since it’s laborious to infer a lot simply by this type of swelling. Nonetheless, we will see a couple of remedy choices, like compression packs and elevating the left foot to cut back swelling, which appears logical in such situations.

We will mess around and get extra such photos analysed.

Use circumstances

Such purposes are extremely helpful in distant places the place medical doctors are inaccessible. They’re additionally helpful in areas the place sufferers are removed from the clinic or hospital. Whereas we can not rely fully on these methods, they supply pretty correct medical indicators and steerage. We will additional refine our prompts and embody residence cures as a phase. The Gemini Professional mannequin can ship state-of-the-art efficiency if we will outline advanced prompts.


On this article, we’ve explored the capabilities of Google’s Gemini Professional mannequin for medical picture evaluation. We’ve demonstrated find out how to configure the API, create efficient prompts, and deploy a Streamlit software for interactive outcomes. The Gemini Professional mannequin presents state-of-the-art efficiency, making it a strong instrument for distant medical diagnostics and scientific decision-making. Whereas it shouldn’t exchange skilled medical recommendation, it supplies worthwhile insights and might considerably improve accessibility to medical evaluations in underserved areas. As AI know-how advances, instruments like Gemini Professional will play an more and more vital function in healthcare innovation.

Key Takeaway

  1. On this article, we demonstrated find out how to use Gemini Professional to carry out a medical examination of a picture.
  2. We have now mentioned configuring the Gemini Professional API Key and the way defining prompts can improve mannequin efficiency.
  3. Moreover, now we have deployed the mini venture utilizing Streamlit, enabling us to experiment and observe the outcomes.

The media proven on this article are usually not owned by Analytics Vidhya and is used on the Writer’s discretion.

Regularly Requested Questions

Q1. What’s Gemini, and the way does it differ from different Google fashions?  

A. Gemini is a sequence of foundational fashions from Google. It focuses on multimodality and helps textual content and pictures. It contains fashions of various sizes (Extremely, Professional, Nano). Not like earlier fashions like PaLM, Gemini can deal with numerous info varieties.

Q2. What’s a immediate?

A. A immediate is a pure language request submitted to a language mannequin to obtain a response again. Prompts can include questions, directions, contextual info, examples, and partial enter for the mannequin to finish or proceed. After the mannequin receives a immediate, it will possibly generate textual content, embeddings, code, photos, movies, music, and extra, relying on the mannequin getting used.

Q3: How can these purposes assist companies to make quicker selections?

A: Such purposes are very useful in distant places the place medical doctors are inaccessible. They’re additionally useful in places the place the affected person is much from the clinic or hospital. 

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