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NASA’s Voyager I has stopped sending information house

NASA’s Voyager I area probe—presently 15 billion miles from Earth—is struggling a communication breakdown making it unable to ship scientific information and even details about its personal well being and standing again house. It lately “started transmitting a repeating sample of ones and zeros as if it have been ‘caught,'” NASA studies. Fortuitously, it is nonetheless able to receiving instructions from Earth and executing them. Nonetheless, the NASA engineers tried to repair the issue by restarting what seems to be defective flight information programs, however that did not do the trick.

From NASA:

It might take a number of weeks for engineers to develop a brand new plan to treatment the difficulty. Launched in 1977, the spacecraft and its twin, Voyager 2, are the 2 longest-operating spacecraft in historical past. Discovering options to challenges the probes encounter usually entails consulting authentic, decades-old paperwork written by engineers who did not anticipate the problems which might be arising at present. Consequently, it takes time for the workforce to know how a brand new command will have an effect on the spacecraft’s operations as a way to keep away from unintended penalties.

As well as, instructions from mission controllers on Earth take 22.5 hours to succeed in Voyager 1, which is exploring the outer areas of our photo voltaic system greater than 15 billion miles (24 billion kilometers) from Earth. Meaning the engineering workforce has to attend 45 hours to get a response from Voyager 1 and decide whether or not a command had the supposed final result.

NASA launched the dual Voyagers 1and 2 in 1977 on a grand tour of the photo voltaic system and into the mysteries of interstellar area. Hooked up to every of those spacecraft is a golden phonograph file containing a message for any extraterrestrial intelligence which may encounter it, maybe billions of years from now. This enchanting artifact—the Voyager Golden Report—could be the final vestige of our civilization after we’re gone ceaselessly.

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