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This Cookie Dough Allotting Gadget Brings Consistency to Your Baking

The necessity for constant cookies

Baking, not like most different types of cooking, depends on exact portions, temperatures, and timings to be able to get the proper end result. And though cookies as a baked good are somewhat extra forgiving, it’s nonetheless essential that every dough spherical is identical measurement and form going onto the baking tray. Fed up with having to tediously scoop out dough and deposit it in neat rows and columns, Chuck from the YouTube channel Startup Chuck determined to construct his personal gadget that would get a constant end result each time.

A failed experiment

Round ten years in the past Chuck constructed a considerably comparable prototype out of a glass cylinder, piston, and versatile plastic tubing. As the idea went, pumping pressurized air into the underside chamber would push the piston upwards and transfer the dough by way of the tubing earlier than it might lastly be deposited out the opposite finish. Nonetheless, the dense nature of cookie dough prompted an excessive amount of strain to construct and ultimately shattered the cylinder and Chuck’s hopes of constructing his dough-slinging machine.

Designing the brand new dispenser

This time round, Chuck took inspiration from caulking weapons and married the idea of a mechanically-advantaged piston transferring in opposition to a store-bought sausage casing of cookie dough. This manner, reloading the chamber is so simple as putting in a brand new tube and watching because it will get step by step squeezed out the nozzle. The opposite enchancment to the design is a chopper on the finish of the nozzle, which is supposed to shortly and cleanly slice portioned quantities mechanically.

Electronics and pneumatics

Transferring the plunger in a linear method was achieved by combining a NEMA23 stepper motor with a stepper driver and an Arduino microcontroller. At first, the velocity and distances had been fine-tuned with a pair of pushbuttons for transferring the piston out and in, however this was ultimately transitioned to fixed values. To slice the tube of dough on the precise proper second, a distance sensor was positioned to the aspect of the nozzle. When it begins studying a a lot smaller worth, it lets the microcontroller know the dough is on the appropriate measurement. Performing the slicing motion is a dual-valve pneumatic piston, which slides both path relying on the aspect being opened by the Arduino board.

Time to bake

After some tinkering and tuning of the velocity values, dough disc top, and nozzle measurement, Chuck examined his new gadget by putting down a row of cookie dough slugs onto a cookie sheet. Every bit measured in at round 17 grams in weight and was roughly seven centimeters broad as soon as baked- making this a profitable prototype. In a future follow-up video, Chuck plans on constructing a completely automated cookie merchandising machine that may dispense, bake, and ship a number of cookies directly. For now, you’ll be able to watch his video on this cookie dough dispenser right here on YouTube.

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