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ios – UrlRequest is HTML Casing the JSON being delivered to server? (Spring Boot)

Just lately, I’ve began working by myself PET undertaking in iOS.
The duty that I’ve at hand is as follows:

  1. Serialize object into JSON utilizing JSONEncoder
  2. Ship that JSON to server (Spring Boot)
  3. Obtain the response from that server
  4. and many others. and many others.

I’m utilizing a normal JSONEncoder with couple of settings (see beneath):
JSON Encoding half

// Serializing it to the JSON
let jsonEncoder = JSONEncoder()
jsonEncoder.outputFormatting = .withoutEscapingSlashes
jsonEncoder.dataEncodingStrategy = .deferredToData
self.outSyncPackage = strive jsonEncoder.encode(outSyncPackageObj)
let jsonStringToBeDelivered = String(information: self.outSyncPackage!, encoding: .utf8)

As per screenshot beneath, you may see that there aren’t any points there:
Encoded JSON Textual content
Then, I’m making a URLRequest, to be able to ship that JSON to the server:
Preparation of the URLRequest object for execution

self.urlRequest?.httpMethod = "POST"
 self.urlRequest?.setValue("software/json", forHTTPHeaderField: "settle for")
//        self.urlRequest?.setValue("gzip", forHTTPHeaderField: "Content material-Encoding")
self.urlRequest?.setValue(self.sessionId, forHTTPHeaderField: "sessionId")
self.urlRequest?.setValue(String(self.lastSyncDate), forHTTPHeaderField: "lastSyncDateTime")
self.urlRequest?.setValue(self.purchaseKey, forHTTPHeaderField: "subCode")
// Physique
self.urlRequest?.httpBodyStream = InputStream(information: self.outSyncPackage!)

On the server facet I count on the identical JSON, with escape characters or not.
Nevertheless, upon execution of this routine I get rubbish on the server facet as enter JSON:
Final result of the UrlRequest on the server facet

Can anyone, please, clarify to me what’s it that I’m doing improper and why JSON is scrambled upon receipt?

Precise Outcome:


Anticipated Outcome:


PS. I attempted numerous methods of decoding that resultant string, and I discovered, that the textual content is definitely ‘HTTP URLed’ one way or the other (see the Кодирование URL part on the screenshot):
Varied encodings, together with HTML Escape

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