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keyboard – How one can stop Zoom from hijacking the “Escape” key throughout display screen sharing with assembly controls hidden?

When you’re on a mac and do not need to set up any further instruments, you could possibly use this Applescript (impressed by ChatGPT):

inform utility "System Occasions"
    set targetAppName to "zoom.us"
    set toolBarWindowName to "zoom share toolbar window"
    set statusBarWindowName to "zoom share statusbar window"
    if (get identify of each utility course of) accommodates targetAppName then
        inform course of targetAppName
            -- Get the checklist of home windows for the goal utility
            set targetWindows to each window
            set toolBarWindow to ""
            set statusBarWindow to ""
            -- Discover the window by its identify
            repeat with targetWindow in targetWindows
                if identify of targetWindow is statusBarWindowName then
                    set statusBarWindow to targetWindow
                else if identify of targetWindow is toolBarWindowName then
                    set toolBarWindow to targetWindow
                finish if
            finish repeat
            if toolBarWindow shouldn't be "" then
                set {statusBarX, statusBarY} to place of statusBarWindow
                set {statusBarWidth, statusBarHeight} to dimension of statusBarWindow
                set {toolBarX, toolBarY} to place of toolBarWindow
                set {toolBarWidth, toolBarHeight} to dimension of toolBarWindow
                if toolBarY ≥ 0 then
                    -- Transfer the window outdoors the display screen space
                    set place of toolBarWindow to {toolBarX, -toolBarHeight}
                    set place of statusBarWindow to {statusBarX, -statusBarHeight}
                    -- Present window
                    set place of statusBarWindow to {statusBarX, toolBarHeight}
                    set place of toolBarWindow to {toolBarX, 0}
                finish if
            finish if
        finish inform
    finish if
finish inform

You possibly can then assign it a keyboard shortcut utilizing Automator’s “fast motion”, the Shortcut.app or Alfred, see extra right here

Trace: you could possibly use the identical ⌘ Command^ Management⌥ PossibilityH shortcut, however you’ll want to disable it in Zoom’s preferences first, as @rattray talked about in his remark.

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